(j3.2006) J3/09-292 - J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #19 - due19-Oct-2009

john.reid at stfc.ac.uk john.reid
Sun Oct 4 10:53:57 EDT 2009


Before I put in a vote, does anyone else have problems with the edit for F03/0132?

The proposed new paragraph for [193:13-15] reads

  "If a derived-type list item is not processed by a user-defined derived-type input/output procedure and is not treated as a list of its individual components, all the subcomponents of that list item shall be accessible in the scoping unit containing the input/output statement and shall not be pointers or allocatable".

At first I thought that the if clause was wrong, but then realized that it was talking about unformatted i/o, see [193:6-8]. Would this not be a better wording for the if clause:

  "If a derived-type list item in an unformatted input/output statement is treated as a single value,?  



Scanned by iCritical.

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