(j3.2006) Intrinsic modules

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Mon Nov 30 19:04:58 EST 2009

From: "Craig Dedo" <craig at ctdedo.com>
Date: 2009?12?1? 1:21
To: "J3 Mailing List " <J3 at j3-fortran.org>
Subject: Re: (j3.2006) Intrinsic modules

> Everyone:
> Yes, there is a reason.  Both the Fortran 2003 standard and the
> Fortran 2008 draft have a normative rule prohibiting circular module
> references.

I see no circular module dependency.  Compiles just fine too, so the compiler 
agrees with me.

> It's not a constraint, but regular, normative text.  The rule
> says, "A module shall not reference itself, either directly or indirectly."

Lucky Kurt's example doesn't do that then.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo.

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