(j3.2006) Intrinsic modules

Bill Long longb
Sat Nov 21 17:43:10 EST 2009

Craig Dedo wrote:
> Van and Everyone Else:
> 	No, there is no way to tell a compiler to prefer intrinsic modules
> to nonintrinsic modules of the same names.  In fact, such behavior would
> directly contradict the normative text of the Fortran 2003 standard and the
> current draft.  

Which is why most vendors probably don't do this.  However, I think Van 
was explicitly asking if vendors provided a switch that intentionally 
makes their compilers non-conforming, and does the opposite of what the 
standard specifies.  There are lots of switches like that already - the 
infamous -r8 comes to mind.  The one Van is asking for is pretty 
obscure, and would be relevant for very few codes - maybe only one.   I 
would be interested to see if it occurred to any vendor to provide such 
a switch.  We don't.


The relevant text is in section 11.2.1 in Fortran 2003
> (03-007) [254:8-10] and section 11.2.2p3 in the current draft (09-007r3)
> [273:27-28].
> [Begin quote]
> A use-stmt without a module-nature provides access either to an intrinsic or
> to a nonintrinsic module. If the module-name is the name of both an
> intrinsic and a nonintrinsic module, the nonintrinsic module is accessed.
> [End of quote]
> 	Obviously, any change in this preference rule would create a
> backwards incompatibility with Fortran 2003.
> 	I find this preference rule to be somewhat surprising.  I remember
> that when we discussed the IEEE intrinsic modules, I raised a question about
> a particular example in one of John Reid's drafts.  He had left out the ",
> INTRINSIC" module-nature in the example.  The answer I got was that it did
> not matter; as proposed, the compiler would pick the intrinsic module if the
> module-nature was left off the USE statement.
> 	Does anyone remember why J3 chose to prefer nonintrinsic modules
> over intrinsic modules of the same name?
> 	FWIW, if J3 decides to develop a way to state the opposite
> preference, then it should be done with explicit syntax at the procedure or
> module levels, immediately before the relevant USE statements.  This would
> be similar to IMPLCIT or IMPLICIT NONE statements overriding default
> implicit typing.
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> For the compiler vendors:
> Is there a way to tell your compiler to prefer intrinsic modules
> (hopefully a list of specific ones) to a nonintrinsic one of the same
> name where <module-nature> is not specified in a USE statement
> (contradicting 09-007r3:11.2.2p3), even if there's a nonintrinsic one of
> the same name in the module search paths?  Or is the only way to do it
> simply not to have such a one in any directory in the module search
> paths?
> I have a 1/3-million line program in which we (perhaps unwisely) have
> "use IEEE_Arithmetic" in most modules.  For platforms that don't offer
> the intrinsic module yet, we've written our own.  It would be quite
> painful to go through the entire program and put either that or "use,
> intrinsic :: IEEE_Arithmentc" in place of what we have, controlled by a
> preprocessor variable.  Perhaps we should have put "use
> My_IEEE_Arithmetic" in each place, so we could put "use, intrinsic ::
> IEEE_Arithmetic" in that module.
> If we were to add to the list in 16.3.1p2:
>   o  is the name of the module or program in which the local identifier
>      appears
> that would also solve the problem (and several others).  This wouldn't
> cause any trouble (for the standard) because module names only appear in

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