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John Reid John.Reid
Thu Nov 19 05:01:07 EST 2009


SC22 passed the appended resolution at this year's plenary (see also item 4 of 
my report, N1792). It has occurred to me that I need to make the SC7 template 
available to you all. The secretary has sent me a copy and I have made it N1797. 
A copy is attached.

If it is not too late, please use this for your country vote, rather than the 
WORD template. I think this will make it easier for WG5 to process the comments.




Resolution 09-15: Alternative National Body Commenting Form

JTC 1/SC 22, noting the discussion on SC 22 N 4475 (US National Body 
Contribution on Alternate Submission Form for National Body Comments), endorses 
the US proposal and takes the following actions for all JTC 1/SC 22 committee 
internal ballots:
? requests its Secretary to include the Excel-based template used by JTC 1/SC 7
with each ballot;
? encourages National Bodies to provide comments on each ballot using the
Excel-based template supplied with the ballot;
? encourages National Bodies which require the use of the ISO Comment
Template to enter a single comment on the template pointing to detailed
comments in the Excel-based template;
? encourages National Bodies to note that comments requiring extensive
formatting may be placed in distinct files and referenced from the Excel-based
or ISO Comment Template;
? encourages National Bodies to note that the ISO balloting tool permits the
uploading of any file format, including Excel files and zipped collections of
files; and
? requests its Secretary to assemble any Word-based comment files and forward
any other files, including the Excel files, to the appropriate Working Group.

Unanimous consent
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