(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4126) Problems created by some compiler extended size options

Bill Long longb
Fri Nov 13 15:31:14 EST 2009

Craig Dedo wrote:

> 	C interoperability always requires the explicit specification of the
> kind type parameters of all variables that are used in C interoperability.

Really? Where does the standard say that?  I agree that it is a good 
programming practice to specify kinds, and we provide the programmer 
with handy predefined constants for the C interop case.  But I don't 
recall that we REQUIRE their use.

> 	Promotion of integers with an explicit kind type parameter should be
> abolished in compilers that support this abominable practice.  At the very
> least, compilers with this "feature" should put out a very big and obvious
> WARNING that this practice is being used.

Any mutilation of the program's semantics by the compiler is probably 
grounds for some sort of message.  Even if the result is converting a 
non-conforming program into a correct one based on the compiler 
"knowing" what you "really meant".   The classic case is an actual 
argument that is a constant, like 0, corresponding to a dummy integer 
with non-default KIND.


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