(j3.2006) springhills suites

Dan Nagle danlnagle
Fri Nov 13 10:22:40 EST 2009


Jeanne, Bill, Bob & I went to the reception and tour
Valerie had yesterday at Springhills suites.

The rooms are very much nicer than at Fairfield.
The sleeping rooms are on floors 9 through 24, so
the views are nice.  The meeting rooms are on floor 8.
Sleeping rooms have microwaves and refrigerators.
The clock/radio has an iPod dock.

The location is slightly nicer, being closer to the strip
and to the Riviera and the Hilton.

The pricing is highly variable, since it's right across
from the north side of the convention center.  But
at least at some times, it's the same as at Fairfield.

Personally, if it can be arranged at the same price,
we should consider meeting there.


Dan Nagle

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