(j3.2006) J3/09-006Ar4

Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
Fri Nov 13 02:33:29 EST 2009

Here is the latest 006A for meeting 191.  It has 24 interps that have passed J3 letter ballot {and therefore ready for WG5} and 3 interps from m190 that are currently out for J3 letter ballot {LB #20 09-307}.  Letter ballot #20 is due 18-Dec-2009.  Interps from now on will use F2008 as their base.

Dan - please put 09-006Ar4 in the meeting 191 folder.  After LB #20, I'll update it to 10-006A.  Also please move 09-307 to the m191 folder - it is currently in the m190 folder.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

John - I suggest that after LB #20 closes and I create 10-006A, I send you the intersp that have passed J3 letter ballot so you can decide when to run a WG5 ballot on them.  Perhaps we'll be able to produce a draft corrigendum 5 for F2003 {that won't be published} that contains these last F2003 fixes.

Thanks                                                  /Stan

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