(j3.2006) New documents

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Mar 25 05:15:32 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

I have uploaded 09-007r1.pdf.bz2 and 09-007r1.ps.bz2 to the Edit folder
in the member area on the J3 server.

Also there is 09-011r1.txt

In the normal meeting folder are my editor's report 09-156 and the
changes to the list of unresolved issues 09-157.

09-007r1 is also a WG5 document and is identified as such.

Dan and John might want to hold fire on moving these to the official
places for a day or so in case someone spots some obvious major error...
(If someone does spot that, please say so.)

The 007 is with line numbers but in A4 format so I recommend US readers
to print just a couple of pages first to make sure they have their print
options correct (unless they remember exactly what they did last year.)

Finally, F2008-210325.tbz is also in the Edit folder; this is the
subversion repository that corresponds to 09-007r1.

.............................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo.

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