(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3960) [ukfortran] Formatting of the next Working Draft

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Mar 18 03:26:21 EDT 2009

Van Snyder wrote:
> Malcolm Cohen wrote:
>> Hi WG5,
>> Obviously the paper size setting will (slightly) inconvenience approx
>> half of the audience whichever is chosen; therefore my intention is to
>> use A4 (as required by ISO).
> I thought we had chosen the margins to be fixed independently of paper 
> size,
The opposite: the text area is independent of the paper size (and the 
margins vary), so that the formatting and pagination should not vary 
between A4 and Letter (who writes their letters on  21.59x27.94cm paper 
anyway - certainly not me).  I say "should", but given LaTeX quirks I'm 
not entirely confident there would be no changes; mostly it seems to 
work out though.

> and so that the document would fit
We've chosen our text area size so that the margins will be within 
acceptable bounds on both sizes.
> and print properly on both A4 and 8.5x11 paper.
Yes, the document prints "properly" on both sizes of paper, but one does 
have to use the right options or it might end up with unnecessarily 
small fonts, poorly centred, or with narrow/wide margins.  You should 
use whatever printer option you used for the CD (08-007r2) last year.

.....................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo.

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