(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3958) [ukfortran] Formatting of the next Working Draft

John Reid John.Reid
Tue Mar 17 05:40:50 EDT 2009

Malcolm Cohen wrote:
> Hi WG5,
> If we are really trying to shoot for FCD following the next meeting, we
> should make the format of the next working draft as close as possible to
> the ISO FCD format so that we are looking at the closest reasonable
> approximation to the hopeful FCD and to avoid last-minute typesetting
> glitches.
> Obviously, the FCD will have no line numbers (but will have paragraph
> numbers) and will be in A4 size. There might be other changes (header
> and footer changes for example), such as identifying only by the ISO
> reference number not the J3 document number.
> Obviously the paper size setting will (slightly) inconvenience approx
> half of the audience whichever is chosen; therefore my intention is to
> use A4 (as required by ISO).
> Not having line numbers doesn't really inconvenience me but I know some
> people rely on them so my intention here is to retain line numbers this
> time around in the hope and expectation that turning them off won't
> introduce any glitches.
> Hyperlinks are currently produced in blue colour; if we are going to do
> any checking of the indexing and hyperlinking it is useful to have them
> visibly different (at least on the screen), so I am tempted to leave
> these as blue. However my intention is that this will absolutely be the
> LAST TIME they will appear in blue - no way do I want to accidentally
> send a multi-coloured document to ISO.
> Any comments welcome.

This plan seems fine to me. Thanks for all the hard work you are doing.


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