(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3953) RE: Corrigendum 4

Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
Sun Mar 8 23:37:27 EDT 2009


Both N1773-2 and N1774-2 look ok to me.

Thanks for all of the attention to detail                       /Stan

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I think I am ready to send these documents to SC22:

N1773 Defect reports that led to Corrigendum 4 and responses to them (Whitlock)
N1774 Draft Corrigendum 4, as sent to SC22 (Muxworthy)

They are attached, but I have called them N1773-2 and N1774-2 in case we decide
to make further changes.

N1773-2 is based on 09-006AT4.txt.  I have made mechanical changes in the part
that precedes the first intep. I have also made very minor changes, suggested by
Malcolm Cohen, to the EDITS sections of two interps:

F03/0098 [421:27] Insert the new text after "default-initialized
subcomponent" rather than after "Allocation".

F03/0099 [415:27] In the new text: "may" -> "might".

N1774 is like N1771 except that these changes have been made and the references
to interps have been removed.

There will be a revision of N1771 called N1775 that is the same as N1771 except
for these changes.

Does everyone agree that N1773/4 are ready for SC22? Please let me know within a
week if you want any changes.



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