(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3935) [ukfortran] Call graph generator?

N.M. Maclaren nmm1
Thu Jan 29 04:11:03 EST 2009

On Jan 29 2009, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
>Van Snyder wrote:
>> Does anybody have a call graph generator for Fortran 90+ programs?
>One is included with the Fortran Builder, viz the NAG Fortran compiler 
>for Windows.

Bother :-(  The Microsoft aspect, I mean.

>> I would like a program that would take a list of file names, and would
>> produce structure trees and call graphs.
>This one produces a call graph for a "project" or subset thereof.  It's 
>relatively easy and painless to add files to a project (the files don't 
>have to be moved or anything).

This isn't TOTALLY off-list, so please bear with me.  WHICH call graph?
I assume that it is one of the static ones (i.e. A has the potential to
call B).

The simple one consists only of the explicit calls, with no procedure

With procedure arguments, there is a question of which procedure should
be classed as the caller:  the one that declares the external or the one(s)
that call the argument.

With procedure variables, things get even hairier, which is one of the
reasons that many software engineers think that they are a Bad Idea.

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