(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3934) [ukfortran] Call graph generator?

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Jan 28 22:05:18 EST 2009

Van Snyder wrote:
> Does anybody have a call graph generator for Fortran 90+ programs?
One is included with the Fortran Builder, viz the NAG Fortran compiler 
for Windows.
> I would like a program that would take a list of file names, and would
> produce structure trees and call graphs.
This one produces a call graph for a "project" or subset thereof.  It's 
relatively easy and painless to add files to a project (the files don't 
have to be moved or anything).

(Caveat: I've not used the English language Fortran Builder for a while, 
but as far as I recall it's just the same as the Japanese one as far as 
the call graph generator is concerned.)
>   Text output would be OK;
> interactive graphical display would be a plus.
Text output.
> My money people don't mind buying useful stuff, but they prefer that I
> try it out first, so a program that's either free or has an evaluation
> feature (crippled, time bomb...) would be preferable.
It's included with the compiler at no extra cost... but it's not free as 

.....................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo.

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