(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3858) Ballot 6 vote:

Bill Long longb
Mon Jan 19 18:31:06 EST 2009

Vote on WG5 Ballot 6 (N1765) from Bill Long, Cray Inc.

The following Fortran 2003 interpretations are being balloted:

Yes   No   Number     Title
-C-   ---  F95/0074   TARGET dummy arguments and POINTER expressions
-Y-   ---  F95/0102   mask-expr evaluated only once
-Y-   ---  F03/0049   Separators in list-directed output involving UDDTIO
-Y-   ---  F03/0073   C interop of dummy procedures
-C-   ---  F03/0074   Type mismatch for C character arguments
-Y-   ---  F03/0075   C interop of derived types with array components
-Y-   ---  F03/0076   Scope of Fortran names of procedures with binding
-Y-   ---  F03/0077   LBOUND of array structure component
-Y-   ---  F03/0081   F edit descriptor with field width 0
-Y-   ---  F03/0082   VALUE in place of INTENT for pure procedure dummy
-Y-   ---  F03/0087   Entry names as dummy procedure arguments
-Y-   ---  F03/0098   Does allocate with source= define subcomponents?
-Y-   ---  F03/0099   Clause 16 does not account for volatile variable
-Y-   ---  F03/0102   Evaluation of bound-expr in data pointer assignment
-Y-   ---  F03/0109   Referencing deferred binding via absent dummy argument
-Y-   ---  F03/0111   Is defined assignment to a vector subscripted
                      array allowed?
-C-   ---  F03/0113   Size and uniqueness considerations for ID=
-C-   ---  F03/0114   Inconsistent restrictions on i/o specifiers
-Y-   ---  F03/0117   STOP executed via function in input/output list


I agree with David Muxworthy that 5-0 should be 5-9.

I disagree with the suggested change in the ballot from David
Muxworthy. The term "C character kind" is defined at [392:3] in
15.1.1, so the reference to 15.1 seems reasonable. The same reference
is used at, for example, [270:26].  In contrast, 15.2.2 relates to
pointers, and is not a correct reference here. Except to comment on
David's comment, by vote on this interp is Yes.

In the EDIT for [187:10+] C908a, replace "shall be have" with "shall

I agree with David Muxworthy that EXISTS should be EXIST.

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