(j3.2006) [POSSIBLE SPAM] Re: Coindexed scalars, etc.

John Reid John.Reid
Sun Jan 18 08:00:52 EST 2009

Aleksandar Donev wrote:
> Hello,
> I think the [] should always go at the end, after all the local 
> selectors, including substrings, so I vote for c(i)(l:r)[p]. For %Re and 
> %Im I agree that they should be treated as components.

No. We don't have arrays of single characters, we have arrays of type character. 
Selecting a substring is like selecting a component of a structure. Anyway,
I see this as a change not allowed by Resolution T7 of the Tokyo 2008
meeting: "... the technical content should not be changed unless a
serious flaw is found."

> Van Snyder wrote:
>> Malcolm's message yesterday didn't edit the productions for substrings.
>> The suggestion here replaces <object-name> in R601 instead of adding
>> <coindexed-named-object>.

I prefer Malcolm's since it retains <object-name> as the first possibility for 
<designator>. This is a very important case.

>> I believe the following covers coindexed scalars, coindexed complex
>> parts, coindexed type parameter inquiries, and coindexed substrings.
>> Adding coindexed whole arrays is trivial (just remove the proposed
>> constraint C600a).

Would this not also break Resolution T7? What is the "serious flaw"?



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