(j3.2006) when does an error condition occur in executing EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE

Bill Long longb
Fri Jan 16 16:26:25 EST 2009

Michael Ingrassia wrote:
> I think the current draft guarantees that a command is executed when

The first line of OPEN says "An OPEN statement initiates or modifies the 
connection between an external file and a specified unit."  Are you 
saying that if an OPEN statement is executed that the standard 
guarantees that the indicated action occurs, even if an error condition 
also occurs? Or it the user's program exceeds the "size and complexity" 
of program supported by the processor?  And if it doesn't then the 
processor is not conforming?
> I think that if EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE is called with a single argument
> and the command isn't executed, then the processor does not conform to the
> draft standard.
> I think that if a vendor actually detects that a command wasn't executed,
> and actually returns a non-zero code that indicates that, then 
> the processor still does not conform to the draft.  Because the draft
> says that the command will be executed.  

I think that by this logic all processors are not conforming for 
programs that contain OPEN statements that could fail.  I'm not seeing 
why EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE and OPEN are all that different.


> This is the part I want to change.
> I would like a processor that detects an error condition to have a legitimate
> excuse which keeps them standard conforming.
> Clearer? 
> 	--Michael I.
>  	--Michael I.
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