(j3.2006) Syntax doesn't allow coindexed scalars?

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Thu Jan 15 20:41:58 EST 2009

On Thursday 15 January 2009 17:24, Malcolm Cohen wrote:

> I seem to recall
> that it was deliberately decided to disallow a whole-array
> coreference (i.e. without a section-subscript-list)
Yes, this is on purpose. As one example, consider:

array[5]=... ! array is an allocatable coarray

where the right hand side does not match the size of the coarray. It 
would need to cause remote reallocation. For this, and a few other 
reasons (e.g., doing LBOUND(array[5])), we decided it was best to 
require the section subscript list. Tedious indeed, but there seems no 
real use in having a remote "whole array", and plenty of harm.

Here is something for Bill to ponder: assumed-rank coarrays:-) 
Apparently they can never be coindexed? Perhaps that is a good 
thing :-)


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