(j3.2006) Syntax doesn't allow coindexed scalars?

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Thu Jan 15 20:01:30 EST 2009

The syntax doesn't allow coindexed scalars (unless they're structure
components), coindexed substrings, or coindexed complex part

The only syntax rule in which <image-selector> appears is R612

The only syntax rule in which <part-ref> appears is R611 <data-ref>.

The only syntax rules in which <data-ref> appear are R613
<structure-component>, R616 <array-element>, R617 <array-section> and
R1221 <procedure-designator>.  There is a constraint on R613 that
requires more than one <part-ref>.  There are constraints on R616 and
R617 that require subscripts or sections.

Three of the six right-hand sides of R601 <designator> terminate without
allowing <image-selector>.

I suspect we should put [ <image-selector> ] on the end of R602
<variable> <<is>> <designator> instead of the end R612 <part-ref>.


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