(j3.2006) Namelist output

Michael Ingrassia michaeli
Wed Jan 14 14:22:23 EST 2009

>NAMELIST output that has had the benefit of UDDTIO

A very polite way of putting it!  Not all NAMELIST output that has been
obtained through UDDTIO will have derived benefits thereby.  

>From the standards point of view, there may well be lots of statements
in the standard that would properly need to be qualified if they are
meant to include UDDTIO.   Even something so simple as

Namelist output shall not include namelist comments. [10.10.2 in 04-007]

is probably false under UDDTIO, right?   In fact if I'm the sort who wants 
namelist comments in namelist output the first feature I'd try to use 
would be UDDTIO.  Surely a "roll your own input/output" feature was not
intended to behave exactly like intrinsic input/output, or what's the point?

	--Michael I.

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