(j3.2006) Namelist output

Lawrie Schonfelder j.l.schonfelder
Tue Jan 13 14:18:18 EST 2009

  Are you
> saying that for
> type t
>    real x
>    real y
> end type
> type(t) :: z
> if the namelist object is z then it is legal in an input data record to
> have
>   ... z%x = 1.0,  z%y = 2.0 ...
> instead of z followed by two real constants?  I don't see where that is
> allowed in the standard.
I can see no reason why it should be forbidden. I have very little brief for NAMELIST as such but I
would have thought that one of its benefits was that it allowed a piece of an object to be changed
without having to reinput the whole. Z%x seems to me to be a perfectly obvious thing one might want
to change leaving Z%y unchanged, which is how I though NAMELIST was supposed to work.

> Cheers,
> Bill

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