(j3.2006) New 007 now available.

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Fri Jan 9 03:18:35 EST 2009

Hi folks,

The editor's report is 09-102, the new 007 can be found in the /Edit
subdirectory on the J3 member file server. Also is that directory are
new standing documents 011, 019 and 020.

Dan, can you move these (09-007.pdf.bz2, 09-007.ps.bz2, 09-011.txt,
09-019.txt and 09-020.txt) to the right place(s) please? Thanks.

The sources used to build 007 are in /Edit/Repositories as
and the subversion repository is in the same place as

I did basically run out of time to do as much work on this as I wanted,
thus the editor's report ends with a load of action items (on me). A
couple of the rougher papers also got pretty short shrift. Sorry about
that, but I thought it better to get it out to you all now rather than
spend any longer beating it into shape. Looks like I will have a busy
meeting in February!

Note that this version has reverted to Letter paper size (and of course
with line numbers).

.........................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo, Japan.

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