(j3.2006) synchronizing I/O

Robert Corbett Robert.Corbett
Tue Feb 10 01:50:14 EST 2009

John Reid wrote:

> Robert Corbett wrote:
>> The second paragraph of Section 13 of WG5/N1762 says that
>> Fortran 2008 processors must implement record-level
>> synchronization for OUTPUT_UNIT and ERROE_UNIT.  I have
>> not found language in the draft standard that specifies
>> that requirement.  Have I missed it, or is the language
>> yet to be added?
> We seem to have somehow lost this bullet point that was in of 
> 08-007:
> "Each record shall be read or written by a single image. The processor 
> shall ensure that once an image commences transferring the data of a 
> record to the file, no other image transfers data to the file until the 
> whole record has been transferred."

I assume no other image could do an ALL STOP, a BACKSPACE, a CLOSE,
a FLUSH, some INQUIREs, an OPEN, or a REWIND either.  It might be
argued that an endfile record is data, so the statement above might
cover that case.  A WAIT and most forms of INQUIRE might be OK,
depending on how I/O synchronization is implemented.

Bob Corbett

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