(j3.2006) 09-119

John Reid John.Reid
Fri Feb 6 03:53:17 EST 2009

Van Snyder wrote:
> 09-119 remarks that 9.5.4p4 prohibits a unit from being connected to
> more than one file, and file from being connected to more than one unit.
> It proposes an exception is needed for OUTPUT_UNIT and ERROR_UNIT, in
> that OUTPUT_UNIT is preconnected to the same file on every image, and
> similarly for ERROR_UNIT.
> 9.5.1p3 says that an external unit identified by a particular value is
> the same external unit in all program units of a program.  Is it the
> same external unit on all images?  This is the place to say, one way or
> another.

In think 2.3.2 is pretty clear:

"Each image has its own execution state, floating-point status (14.7), and set 
of data objects, input/output units, and procedure pointers."



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