(j3.2006) 09-119

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Thu Feb 5 16:26:01 EST 2009

09-119 remarks that 9.5.4p4 prohibits a unit from being connected to
more than one file, and file from being connected to more than one unit.
It proposes an exception is needed for OUTPUT_UNIT and ERROR_UNIT, in
that OUTPUT_UNIT is preconnected to the same file on every image, and
similarly for ERROR_UNIT.

9.5.1p3 says that an external unit identified by a particular value is
the same external unit in all program units of a program.  Is it the
same external unit on all images?  This is the place to say, one way or

Presumably, OUTPUT_UNIT has the same value on every image.  If it's the
same unit on every image, no edits are needed.  If it's not the same
unit, then edits are needed both in 9.5.4p4 and 9.5.1p3.

9.5.1p5 says that the error unit can be the same as the unit identified
by asterisk.  Is it possible for it to have a different value, but still
be connected to the same file as OUTPUT_UNIT?  If so, an exception is
needed in 9.5.4p4.

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