(j3.2006) SOURCE= questions

Bill Long longb
Mon Feb 2 19:04:47 EST 2009

Is the statement

  allocate (X, source=Y)

a mechanism that can cause X to become defined?   It would seem so, yet 
I don't see anything about this in 16.6.5 "Events that cause variables 
to become defined".  Is this an oversight (same question for f03)?  If Y 
is defined, then X becomes defined.

Similarly, an allocate statement without a SOURCE= spec would seem to 
cause the allocated variable to become undefined.  But we don't mention 
that in 16.6.6 "Events that cause variables to become undefined".   If 
SOURCE= does appear as above, and Y is undefined, then does X become 

We also say that if MOLD = Z appeared instead, then Z does not have to 
be defined [129:27].  There is no corresponding statement for SOURCE=.  
Do we require that Y be defined?  It seems not.  If it is a pointer, it 
has to be associated, and if it is allocatable it has to be allocated 
[129:18].   But that's not a requirement that it be defined. 

Finally, in f03 we require that bounds appear on X even if there is a 
SOURCE= spec.  In f08 we deleted that requirement, since the bounds are 
available from Y.  Was there a reason for the f03 requirement?


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