(j3.2006) Defects in Corrigendum 4

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Thu Apr 30 15:04:09 EDT 2009

I was just reading N1775 -- Fortran 2003 Corrigendum 4.

It adds a sentence to C1224 at [266:24]:

"The <data-ref> shall not be an unallocated allocatable variable or a
pointer whose association status is disassociated or undefined."

This is not compile-time checkable, so shouldn't be in a constraint.

It is in the current draft as C1229.  I suggest we put it after C1231,
adding "in a <procedure-designator>" after "<data-ref>".

I have submitted paper 09-214 to this effect.

List item (11) in 16.5.6 at [422:41-43] is replaced by

"(11) Successful allocation of an ALLOCATE statement with no SOURCE=
      specifier causes a subcomponent of an allocated object to become
      undefined if default initialization has not been specified for
      that subcomponent."

The word "allocation" should be "execution".

This is is correct in the current draft.

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