(j3.2006) J3/09-187 Results of the J3 interp letter ballot #18

Jim Xia jimxia
Tue Apr 14 11:35:04 EDT 2009

Hi Stan

I was somewhat amused by the results of J3 letter ballot #18.  Most of my 
No votes were rejected without an offer of an explanation (rather than 
saying /interp did not agree with Jim's comment).  I have read and thought 
on each interp before casting my vote, and I think I need some reasoning 
to convince me to change my views on them.  I'm not particularly happy 
with the way the /interp group answers my vote and comments.

In addition, there are more problem I found with F03/063 (to forbid 
procedure pointers in COMMON blocks).  In, [100:12-15], it says: "
A procedure pointer shall be storage associated
13 only with another procedure pointer; either both interfaces shall be 
explicit or both interfaces shall be
14 implicit. If the interfaces are explicit, the characteristics shall be 
the same. If the interfaces are implicit,
15 either both shall be subroutines or both shall be functions with the 
same type and type parameters.

These two sentences must also be removed to complete the work.

Overall, I found the letter ballot #18 is the least respective one I've 
ever seen.


Jim Xia

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> If I have transcribed a vote or a comment incorrectly, please let me 
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