(j3.2006) FRACTION: zeros, infinities and NaNs

Van Snyder van.snyder
Wed Sep 24 13:54:57 EDT 2008

Robert Corbett wrote:
> Bill Long wrote:
>> The changes for FRACTION for f08 are in paper 07-200r1, which includes 
>> extensive explanation.  These changes were a small part of Interp 
>> F03/0042 that was filed against f03.
> I considered the possibility that there was an interp that
> changed the semantics of FRACTION.  I didn't find one.  The
> text of F03/000042 still proposes that FRACTION(Inf) = Inf.
> The paper 07-200r1 makes it clear that the change is an
> incompatible change from Fortran 2003.  The committee's
> response to one of my comments on CD 1539-1 said that all
> incompatible changes are listed in Section 1.5.  This one
> is not listed there.

Actually the response said we thought we caught them all, and that we 
would add any that we missed.  The intent is that the list be 
exhaustive, not that it be a partial list with a caveat that says it's a 
meaningless subclause because it's only a partial list.

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