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Jim Xia jimxia
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j3-bounces at j3-fortran.org wrote on 09/23/2008 06:33:36 PM:

> On Tuesday 23 September 2008 15:31, Michael Ingrassia wrote:
> > Where do we say this?
> In a note, since it can be inferred from normative text.
> > Is it true that a coarray's dynamic type never changes?
> > If not, can't we get a counterexample by considering coarray X
> > with its dynamic type both just before and just after the dynamic type
> > changes?
> No, because changing the type requires an ALLOCATE statement (polymorphic

> co-arrays have to be allocatable), which is a synchronization point.

Sure you can get coarrays of different dynamic types on different images
using the syntax like the following

ALLOCATE (coarray[*], source=expr(image_number()))

where expr() is a function that return polymorphic allocatables whose
dynamic types dependent on image index number.  I don't see anything in the
standard preventing this.  But since we disabled the usage of polymorphic
coindexed objects, I don't see any problems of this.  Did I miss something


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