(j3.2006) FRACTION: zeros, infinities and NaNs

Bill Long longb
Tue Sep 23 17:49:52 EDT 2008

The changes for FRACTION for f08 are in paper 07-200r1, which includes 
extensive explanation.  These changes were a small part of Interp 
F03/0042 that was filed against f03.  I suspect that we omitted the 
"incompatible change" text in hopes of attacking the interp before f08 
was published.  At this late date, it might be worth revisiting. 


Robert Corbett wrote:
> The specification of the intrinsic function FRACTION in
> Section 13.7.40 of the Fortran 2003 standard states
>      If X has the value zero, the result has the
>      value zero.  If X is and IEEE infinity, the
>      result is that infinity.  If X is an IEEE NaN,
>      the result is that NaN.
> The related language in Section 13.7.63 of CD 1539-1
> states
>       If X has the value zero or is an IEEE NaN,
>       the result has the same value as X.  If X
>       is an IEEE infinity, the result is an
>       IEEE NaN.
> The change in the treatment of IEEE infinities is an
> incompatible change.  If it were an intentional change,
> it would, of course, be listed as an incompatible
> change in Section 1.5.2 of CD 1539-1.  Since it is not
> listed in Section 1.5.2, I assume it is an unintended
> change.
> The change to the specification of the treatment of
> IEEE NaNs is troubling.  It is unclear what it means
> for NaNs to have the same value, given that NaNs have
> no value.
> Is the new wording regarding zeros intended to mean
> that on a processor that distinguishes between zeros
> with positive and negative signs, the sign must be
> preserved?  If so, it should say so.  A zero value
> with a positive sign and a zero value with a negative
> sign both have the same value (zero).
> The Fortran 2003 standard seems to say that if the
> actual argument of a call of FRACTION is a signaling
> NaN, that signaling NaN must be returned.  That could
> be difficult to implement on some hardware.  Is that
> really the intent?  Is FRACTION allowed to signal an
> invalid exception if its actual argument is a
> signaling NaN?
> Bob Corbett
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