Bill Long longb
Tue Sep 23 16:33:32 EDT 2008

Lionel, Steve wrote:
> The only place that calls COMMAND_ARGUMENT_COUNT generic is in the title
> of section 13.5, but that's enough.  I now agree that the specification
> of intrinsic module procedures should specify whether or not they are
> generic.  For example, could be amended to say "The processor
> shall provide the named constants, derived type, and *generic*
> procedures described in subclause 13.8.2."  I note that for
> ISO_C_BINDING says "procedure names are generic and not specific" and
> 14.11.1 for the IEEE Exceptions modules makes a similar claim.  This was
> evidently overlooked for the addition of procedures to ISO_FORTRAN_ENV.
> Is it too late to propose an edit for F2008?  I'm not sure what the
> process is at this stage.

Not at all.  This sort of "fix of an oversight" is certainly fair game 
for a paper for the November meeting.  I agree that we should have said 
"generic" in this case, and just overlooked it.


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