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Mon Sep 22 14:09:13 EDT 2008

Robert Corbett wrote:
> Are the interfaces of the function COMPILER_OPTIONS and COMPILER_VERSION
> described in Section 13.8.2 of CD 1539-1 generic interfaces or specific
> interfaces?

It would probably be good to say explicitly.  Assuming they are generic, 
a user could extend the interface with other (user written) variants 
that had arguments.  I don't recall any specific discussion to prevent this.

> Are the functions COMPILER_OPTIONS and COMPILER_VERSION required to
> return the same value throughout the execution of a program, 

For a particular reference,  I would expect the same value returned each 
time the containing statement is executed.

> or may they
> return different values for different parts of the program?  

That's a potentially different question.  References in different parts 
of the program need not all return the same value.  Indeed, the point is 
to enable the user to write diagnostic messages that include the 
compiler version or options, and the person trying to debug the code is 
interested in the compiler involved with the compilation of that 
specific program unit. 


> What would
> that mean if different part of a program were compiled with different
> options or different compilers?
> Bob Corbett
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