(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3601) Result of SC22 ballots on Fortran 2008

John Reid j.k.reid
Wed Sep 17 06:38:51 EDT 2008


There were formally two ballots on Fortran 2008, both closing on 31 August. I 
have made the result summaries into two WG5 documents, which should be visible 
on the WG5 site soon as N1739 and N1740.

The registration ballot votes, see N1739, were 9 for approval, 5 for abstention 
(Denmark, France, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine), and 1 (UK) for disapproval.

The CD ballot votes, see N1740, were 8 for approval, 3 for abstention (France, 
Japan, Spain), 3 for approval with comments (Canada, Germany, USA) and 1 (UK) 
for disapproval.

This means that the draft is registered with ITTF, which is a formal milestone.
WG5 is required to provide a response to all the comments.



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