(j3.2006) kind conversion for intent(in), value dummy arguments

Dan Nagle dannagle
Tue Sep 16 15:41:41 EDT 2008


On Sep 16, 2008, at 3:25 PM, Bill Long wrote:

> Lionel, Steve wrote:

>> I'm less comfortable with how this would play with generic  
>> resolution.
> Indeed, it is unclear how many worms are in this can.

count( worms) > n, where n is the number you think there are
right now.  :-)

Since c_int == kind( 0) on most systems anyway,
is there really a great benefit for this?

What if I had a math library supporting single and double, and
I wrote it with value?  I suspect there's an inconvenience to be found
for most (every?) convenience found.


Dan Nagle

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