(j3.2006) kind conversion for intent(in), value dummy arguments

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Tue Sep 16 13:25:03 EDT 2008

On Monday 15 September 2008 20:07, Jim Xia wrote:
> This is a quite useful feature in C that lacks in Fortran's VALUE
> attribute. ?We may consider to add this to Fortran C-interop TR.
It does seem useful with VALUE and I would support it in the TR. Since VALUE 
dummies cannot be arrays it is OK to incur extra overhead instead of making a 

I will note, however, that the pass-value is not quite the same as intrinsic 
assignment. For example, intrinsic assignment cannot copy undefined values 
(say a pointer component that is undefined). And implicit type conversion is 
described for intrinsic assignment only. So we would need to in fact be a bit 
more specific and say that if the types don't match, implicit type conversion 
happens and the actual must be defined (I am guessing we don't want such 
conversions to trigger NaN's etc.)?


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