(j3.2006) kind conversion for intent(in), value dummy arguments

Bill Long longb
Mon Sep 15 19:27:29 EDT 2008

Aleksandar Donev wrote:
> On Monday 15 September 2008 16:17, Bill Long wrote:
>> If current codes are calling MPI routines
>> with the wrong kind of integer arguments, they are broken, right?   Do
>> people actually do this?
> What Craig is taking about is the case when default integer and C_INT are 
> different (e.g., -i8). Then the existing MPI interface passes default 
> integers even though the underlying implementation wants C ints. So you 
> either need wrappers or you need to change the interface (and thus codes).
> Aleks

Or, the user needs to explicitly specify the kinds for the arguments, 
overriding the effect of -i8.  This is the usual and recommended 
solution for this problem.  Since the interface is explicit, failure to 
do this will give error messages that 'remind' the user to fix the problem.


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