(j3.2006) kind conversion for intent(in), value dummy arguments

Bill Long longb
Mon Sep 15 19:17:14 EDT 2008

Craig Rasmussen wrote:
> An issue has come up in defining MPI 3.0 Fortran interfaces.  If the 
> dummy argument is declared as,
>      integer(C_INT), intent(in), value :: count
> can an actual argument of a different kind always be associated with 
> the dummy declared above? 

No. As Aleks says,  type and kind matching is still required.

> Section paragraph 4 states that:
> A present dummy argument with the VALUE attribute becomes argument 
> associated with a de?nable anonymous data ob ject whose initial value 
> is the value of the actual argument. 
> It seems to me that if the anonymous data object is allowed to be 
> assigned/defined with a different kind than is actually is, that then 
> the argument association can proceed without a problem.
> If the above were allowable, the MPI routines could be declared with 
> integer(C_INT) dummies, but existing codes would not have to change.

This part I don't understand.  If current codes are calling MPI routines 
with the wrong kind of integer arguments, they are broken, right?   Do 
people actually do this? 


> Regards,
> Craig
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