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> I will refrain, I hope from ranting!
> I will nevertheless continue in the firmly held belief that even if 
> co-arrays are "superbly
> wonderful" for expressing parallelism on a number of popular 
> architectures, they are not universally
> "the answer to a maiden's prayer" on all architectures. They quite 
> manifestly do not make a "knats
> testicles" improvement in the ease of expressing <emf>any</emf> 
> algorithm on a uniprocessor system,
> and I suspect there are a number of other potential architectures on
> which co-arrays will be less
> than helpful.

Would you please share with us on what architectures the coarray will be 
less than helpful.  I thought one strength of coarrays is they're 
architecture neutral.  My imagination is limited by whatever machine 
architectures we're having today but I'm interested in learning its 
potential limitations in future, so I'd like to hear your opinion where 
you can foresee the coarray feature will fail.


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