(j3.2006) is MOD (INT_MIN, -1) legal?

Jim Xia jimxia
Mon Oct 27 16:43:55 EDT 2008

This discussion originally came from C community on INT_MIN % (-1).  Say 
you have a minimum integer value, INT_MIN (e.g. -HUGE(1) - 1), then is it 
a legal Fortran code to compute MOD(INT_MIN, -1)?

Based on the text in 13.7.80 of F03, MOD(A,P) is interpreted as A - INT ( 
A / P) * P.  This expression applied on MOD(INT_MIN, -1) will result in a 
computation of INT_MIN / (-1), which overflows.  Does this confirm that 
Fortran language will view this computation as invalid?


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