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Makki has just told me that the Japanese delegation will be

> - Hayashi, Masakazu: Fujitsu
> - Homma, Ichiro: Hitachi
> - Nishimura, Kazuo: Komazawa Univ
> - Sato, Fumitoshi: Univ of Tokyo
> - Sato, Hiroyuki: Univ of Tokyo
> - Takata, Masayuki: Edogawa Univ (HoD)
> - Tanaka, Minoru: Fujitsu

and he will be HoD.  Unfortunately, none of them are able to attend all the time.

Makki has asked me to check on who else will be coming. This is my understanding
of the list of people definitely coming (a subset of the set notified to me

US: Nagle, Long, Snyder+1, Lionel, Ingrassia (5+1)
UK: Muxworthy, Reid+1, Cohen, Morgan, Maclaren (5+1)
Canada: Xia
Netherlands: Moene

Do I have any mistakes? Is there anyone else definitely coming? I know that Ian
Chivers and Jane Sleightholme were trying to come. I thought Wolfgang Walter
hoped to come.

Best wishes,


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