(j3.2006) IEEE modules and NORM2

Jim Xia jimxia
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May I ask what compiler was used in this study?


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> (j3.2006) IEEE modules and NORM2
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> Dick Hanson sent me the following interesting result.  It confirms the
> usefulness of the IEEE modules, and points out that when vendors get
> around to implementing NORM2 they shouldn't just use level 1 reference
> Van
>         As an illustration for using the IEEE modules, I coded up DNRM2 
of the
>         BLAS.  The basic idea is simple:  Do the easy loop first and 
>         check for exceptions and fix things up.  For that I used Jim 
>         1978 TOMS algorithm.  It prompted the question about the static
>         constants.
>         The basic conclusions are that this IEEE version is always more
>         accurate.   It pulls away from Hammarling's LAPACK version at 
>         n=40 and gets steadily faster, perhaps to factors or 30 or more. 
>         is on the IBM PowerStation.
>         So this is good news for the IEEE module supporters, especially 
>         Reid.  The example he gave in M, R and C for the planar length 
>         always going to be a lot slower than simply scaling.  This is 
>         there is overhead in the calls to get and set flags.  For DNRM2 
>         overhead time gets swamped out by compute time at about n=40.
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