(j3.2006) 08-145r1

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Mon Oct 6 22:05:40 EDT 2008

Dan Nagle wrote:
> Hi,
> So is there an r1, or not?
> If there is, it should be in the archive.
It's not in the archive, it's not in the minutes, therefore it does not 

Van produced a draft r1, but didn't submit it because we weren't going 
to do anything with it.  I suggest the mention of it in N1741 is a 
simple typo/thinko.

There are various edits with an antecedent of 08-145 in 08-019.  None of 
them are marked with 08-145r1.

I think it's rather late to be creating papers from 2 meetings ago...

...and the mention of 08-145anything and inclusion of its edits in N1741 
is entirely spurious (well, if you believe "summarize material from all 
papers that passed at J3 meetings 184 and 185, and that included 
edits").  The 08-145 edits were never "passed by a J3 meeting", the 
paper had a number of editorial suggestions that I put directly into 
08-019 (probably modified)  and others that I rejected.


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