(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3607) more problems with the sc22wg5 list

David Muxworthy d.muxworthy
Mon Oct 6 08:52:48 EDT 2008

As many members will be aware, at about 08:13 PST on 4 October a
spammer sent a message to each individual address on the whitelist for
the sc22wg5 mailing list.  The whitelist has been openly accessible on
the web for several years, but without direct links to it, and this is
the first time so far as I am aware that there have been problems with
its being accessible.

In a probably futile attempt to prevent a repeat, the file permissions
on the list and whitelist were changed at about 19:30 BST on 4
October.  However it appears that this resulted in the sc22wg5 list
becoming inoperable.  Since then five messages have been rejected by
the mailserver; there is no way of knowing whether or not they were

Therefore if any member has sent a message to sc22wg5 in the past 48
hours or so, please re-send it.  The last genuine message to be
distributed was no 3606 "Ballot processing and SC22 meeting" from John
Reid on 3 October.  Meanwhile the original file permissions have been
restored and advice sought from the server operator on how best to
combat the problem.

David Muxworthy

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