(j3.2006) Tokyo meeting attendance

Toon Moene toon
Sat Oct 4 05:26:55 EDT 2008

TAKATA Masayuki wrote:

> Dear J3 member:
> I received, from ANSI, the list of US delegates for the Tokyo meeting, and then leaned that 
> was not the attendance list.  In fact, there are listed all the current members of PL22.3, 
> including alternates, excluding Malcolm and Jim.  If you are probably coming to the meeting, 
> an earlier notice is highly appreciated.  Absence information is also welcome.
> Please indicate your (intending) hotel and the number of people participating in the Tuesday 
> tour/dinner.  Thank you.

Thanks for alerting us to this !

I'll arrive at Shiba hotel Saturday 15th of November and leave Saturday 
22nd of November.

I want to participate in the Tuesday tour/dinner (1 person).

Thanks for organizing this - I look forward to my first visit to Japan !

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