(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3604) Ballot processing and SC22 meeting

John Reid j.k.reid
Thu Oct 2 09:16:46 EDT 2008


Here are two new documents that I have just sent to Nag for mounting on the WG5 

There are problems with the ballot summary, explained in N1742. In particular, 
it is my opinion that the US comments are not in a form that WG5 will able to
use at its meeting in November. I therefore asked Van Snyder to construct a 
summary. This is available as N1741 and points to J3 documents that explain the 
details. It is my intention to use these J3 documents during discussions in 
Tokyo without reproducing them as WG5 documents. I do not expect WG5 to discuss 
the papers referenced in the first two sections of N1741, Editorial repairs and 
Technical repairs, since this level of detail is normally delegated to J3. 
However, please take a look at all the papers in the final section, Feature 

The UK has still not completed the WG5 papers promised in its ballot comments. I 
have asked for these to be provided within the next two weeks.

The problems with the format for the ballot summary were discussed at the SC22 
meeting and a satisfactory resolution was achieved, see N1742.

A whole morning at SC22 was occupied by a presentation by Richard Cook of ISO
Secretariat on the requirements for ISO standards and the way drafts
are processed. For details, see N1742. I think we may need to make changes in 
the structure of the early part of our draft standard.


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