(j3.2006) Tokyo meeting attendance

TAKATA Masayuki takata
Thu Oct 2 05:15:45 EDT 2008

Dear J3 member:

I received, from ANSI, the list of US delegates for the Tokyo meeting, and then leaned that 
was not the attendance list.  In fact, there are listed all the current members of PL22.3, 
including alternates, excluding Malcolm and Jim.  If you are probably coming to the meeting, 
an earlier notice is highly appreciated.  Absence information is also welcome.

Please indicate your (intending) hotel and the number of people participating in the Tuesday 
tour/dinner.  Thank you.



Takata, Masayuki: Professor
Edogawa University, Nagareyama, Chiba 270-0198 Japan
phone:+81-4-7152-0661ext546   fax:+81-4-7154-2490

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