(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3689) New WG5 documents

John Reid John.Reid
Thu Nov 27 05:32:39 EST 2008


I have just placed the following documents on the WG5 site:

1746 Japan National Activity Report (Takata)
1756 Some comments on the recent WG5 papers on coarrays (Bader)
1757 UK National Activity Report (Muxworthy)
1758 Resolutions of the Tokyo 2008 meeting (Muxworthy)
1760 Responses to CD comments (Reid)
1761 TR 29113: "Further Interoperability of Fortran with C" (Long)
1763 Letter ballot on the technical content of N1761 (Reid)

I made one extra change to N1760. The paragraph on the Bessel functions was 
almost identical with that in 08-211r3. I thought it would be better to point to
08-211r3 - consistent with the style used for other replies.

Steve Morgan has supplied draft minutes, attached. Thanks very much, Steve, for 
doing this. I would like to give everyone the opportunity to correct errors and 
omissions. Please send your comments within a week.

Best wishes,

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