(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3686) [ukfortran] N1755: Request for new features from MPI Forum

Robert Corbett Robert.Corbett
Fri Nov 14 04:47:43 EST 2008

Malcolm Cohen wrote:
> Robert Corbett continues to complain about PROTECTED.
> Well, excuse me if we thought users would prefer to be able to pass 
> PROTECTED variables to INTENT(IN) dummy arguments.  It's not 
> unreasonable to provide something less safe instead of providing 
> something that's perfectly safe but in practice is nearly useless.

It just occurred to me that all you are saying would make sense if
the standard prohibited variables with the PROTECTED attribute from
being passed as actual arguments to procedures unless the corresponding
dummy arguments have the attribute INTENT(IN).  If the standard does
impose such a restriction, I would very much like to where to find it.

Bob Corbett

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