(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3662) [ukfortran] N1755: Request for new features from MPI Forum

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Tue Nov 11 17:49:23 EST 2008


> >> Consider the restrictions on VOLATILE arguments (e.g. no VALUE and no
> >> INTENT(IN), and the proposal to require it to be set in all scopes or
> >> none). How many of those would you need to add to ASYNCHRONOUS in order
> >> to close loopholes opened by your proposal?
> >
> >Most of those restrictions apply to *both* VOLATILE and ASYNCHRONOUS (see
> >Clause 12). If they don't, it is probably an existing bug in the standard!
> Those don't, and it's not a bug, if you think why the restrictions are
> there.  They don't need to apply to ASYNCHRONOUS, but do to VOLATILE.
Ah, finally someone that actually understands why those restrictions are 
there!!! I asked about a few of them several times and no one gave an answer, 
and we already changed one of them a couple of meetings ago at my request 
(concerning copy in/out and VOLATILE/ASYNCHRONOUS, see paper 08-165r1.txt 
from meeting 184).

Anyway, I found only two cases of relevance where VOLATILE and ASYNCHRONOUS 
were not both included:

1. "C557 An entity with the VALUE attribute shall not have the ... VOLATILE 
Van wrote a paper that this is stupid and should be deleted. I cannot remember 
if it passed. I supported it.

2. "C559 An entity with the VOLATILE attribute shall be a variable that is not 
an INTENT (IN) dummy argument."
Please explain this one to me.

Are there other examples?


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