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Keith Bierman khbkhb
Tue Nov 11 14:53:24 EST 2008

On Nov 11, 2008, at 11:20 AM   11/11/, Walt Brainerd wrote:
> Wasn't too long ago I attended our first grandson's Bris
> (after 4 granddaughters). Dad (a pediatrician in Boise)
> did the honors. I think he was shaking a little bit.

I always prefer a professional Mohel (as did our SJ based peditrician  
he did them; but anytime someone asked he pointed them to the  
mohel ;>). In this case, Katz is a certified Mohel as well as a  
physican. Rare combo. Still doesn't do the volume of a "real" mohel  
but he does enough to provide confidence ;>

> #3 daughter lives about a mile south of Cherry Hills shopping
> center (if your Cherry Hills is near that). So we get there
> once in a while. Whatcha doin' in Denver?

I'm not sure what shopping center that is. Feel free to google the  
address and see. We're in Araphoe county in the City of Cherry Hills  
Village ... but we're only 2 blocks fro the Denver border (city and  
county) so if you are in town give us a shout.

I'd been RIFed from Sun a few years back, reincarnated in a group  
that used "flex" offices so I wound up working remotely 4/5 of the  
week so I figured who would miss me. Moved to CO, got RIFed and  
reincarnated again, and the finally RIFed and no reincarnation.  
Finally timed out on returning and will be starting a new gig next  

what's new with you?

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